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Shengli Pump Industry Co., Ltd. has gathered a group of management and scientific research talents who are determined to forge ahead and represent the leading level of electric submersible pump oil production equipment in the oil industry. At present, there are 1021 employees, including 10 masters of engineering, 6 middle and senior economists, 33 economists, 44 middle and senior engineers, 75 engineers, 1 senior technician and 27 technicians. The company regards talents as the first resource of the enterprise and spare no effort to absorb high-quality, pioneering and professional talents.

The company takes performance and ability as the employment standard, pays attention to knowledge and strength, and strives to tap, cultivate and use talents in recruitment, employment, promotion and other links. In order to encourage the growth of talents, the company implements a dual track system of management positions and professional and technical positions. Establish corresponding professional and technical post sequences, and set professional and technical posts at different levels, such as experts, chief engineers, competent engineers, responsible engineers and professional first and second-class engineers. Establishing a learning organization is the main direction of the company's talent strategy. The company encourages employees to learn by themselves, designs training courses according to the company's development and department needs, and provides each employee with opportunities for education and further promotion, so as to promote the continuous development of the company's production and operation.

After more than 30 years of development, the company has established a complete set of human resource management system, including competitive salary system, performance management system with matching personnel and posts, training system, etc. We implement the post competition mechanism, through internal competition and external selection and deployment of various talents, promote the emergence of outstanding talents, and realize the effective development and rational allocation of human resources.

Today, with the rapid development of the company, adhering to the enterprise philosophy of "creating value for customers, providing career for employees and creating benefits for the company", we sincerely invite you to join us, innovate, grow and create the future together!