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Deep compound drive technology
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Deep compound drive technology


   Technology Introduction:

Aiming at the problems such as block fractures, uneven water absorption profiles and non - water absorption in some layers during the development of low - permeability fractured oilfields and waterflooding, the "plugging, adjusting and driving" Delay the characteristics of the glue, the high-dose plugging agent into the deep formation to prevent the flow around the layer, layering channeling, to prevent the subsequent injection of liquid around the plugging area and then to the high permeability layer to improve the water profile, start low permeability Layer, to improve the volume and flooding efficiency. The technology used by our company developed high-strength gel blocking agent, temperature and salt-resistant gel, delayed cross-linked gel and other products, with a flexible selectivity and good injection.

1, high-strength gel blocking agent: composed of two main components, according to a certain proportion, in the cross-linking agent, retarder, enhancer and other effects, the formation of high-strength gel system, which can effectively block the water channel, The average blocking efficiency in the core can reach more than 90%.

2, temperature and salt gel: with hydrophobic organic compounds, with the deep into the formation, the particles gradually absorb water, slow swelling, and not dissolved, high swelling strength, anti-erosion ability, and has a certain selective water shutoff effect.


(1) water absorption expansion factor: 5 to 50 times, adjustable;

(2) water absorption speed control, expansion time: 5 to 10 days;

(3) to achieve the maximum water absorption, the gel has a high strength, and a certain degree of toughness;

(4) has a strong temperature and salt resistance.

3, delayed cross-linked gel: is an organic delayed cross-linking system, the specific performance is:

(1) has a good pumpability - underground cross-linking, the ground for the flow of liquid;

(2) the critical concentration of latex - 0.15% polymer, 0.02% of the cross-linking agent concentration can be cross-linked;

(3) into the gel time control - 2 to 6 days to adjust;

(4) strong shear resistance - shear, 60 ℃ into the viscosity reduction rate of less than 10%;

(5) into the glue after the high strength - into the gel after the formation of viscoelastic gel, viscosity greater than 5 × 104mPa.s;

(6) temperature, salt, good stability - mineralization degree of 15 × 104mg / L of water, 90 ℃ viscosity ≥ 20000 mPa.s.

Process characteristics:   

1, for the use of low profile, the remaining oil enrichment of the well area, to "drive the main to block as a supplement" design ideas;

2, for the corresponding relationship between oil and water wells, reservoir fractures developed well area, to "block the main, to drive as a supplement" design ideas;

3, in the construction process according to the construction displacement, pressure in a timely manner on the slug volume to make appropriate adjustments.