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Tiempo de publicación:2022-03-17 09:35

La producción de líquidos de gran desplazamiento es la principal ventaja de este método de producción de petróleo. Sin embargo, en la actualidad, la bomba eléctrica sumergible se utiliza a menudo en pozos de petróleo con menor producción de líquido. La bomba puede transferir el agua del pozo en la capa superior del agua a la capa inferior de inyección de agua.

1) Large displacement liquid recovery is the main advantage of this oil recovery method. However, at present, electric submersible pump is often used in oil wells with low liquid production.

2) This pump can transfer the water in the upper water layer of the oil well to the lower water injection layer.

3) Simple operation and convenient management. It can beautify the environment and reduce noise when applied in urban areas.

4) It can be well used in inclined wells, horizontal wells and offshore oil production.

5) Easy to handle corrosion and wax deposition.

6) It is easy to install downhole pressure and temperature test devices, and transmit the test signal to the ground through cables for measurement and reading.

7) In order to adapt to the decline or change of oil well production, the frequency conversion device can be used to adjust the power frequency, but the investment cost is high.

8) The maintenance free period is long, and the production efficiency of oil wells is relatively high.